Professional recruitment services in the agribusiness

  • AGRI-associates specializes in the search and recruitment of technical and managerial staff in the agricultural industry.
  • Since 1969, we have been advising and supporting agribusiness companies in staffing.
  • As trained agricultural engineers and HR experts, we know the industry structure, the labor market and especially the specific requirements of the agricultural sector

AGRI-associates is committed to a strict code of ethics worldwide. In this regard, the relationship between the client company and the HR consultant is clearly defined:

  • Company and consultant agree on the extent of the collaboration and the amount of the fee.
  • Confidentiality of information received by both sides is ensured.
  • The consultant recommends candidates only after comprehensive analysis, assessment and evaluation of the candidate.
  • During the cooperation, progress is communicated on both sides without delay.
  • The consultant acts loyally towards the client and informs the client about possible conflicts of interest.